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Meet the Mice

Greetings, everyone! My name is Tsukiyo, but I've been called Moonlight or Moonlit as well. I specialize in delivering messages and various other stealth missions. It's been pretty busy right now with work for Nezumi and all; however, feel free to ask anything you're curious about and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Friends, followers, tumblrfolk,
lend me your dashboards!
I am the humble Hamlet,
one of Nezumi's mice.
I pass time by reading books
usually works of Shakespeare -
so hope you don't mind the quotes.
To ask, or not to ask.
That is the question.
But just so you know
they are more than welcome.

Hi, I'm Cravat! Shion named me after food.

I'm supposed to take over Tsukiyo's job when things are safe. Doesn't happen often though, so these days I just bum and eat pie at the hideout. It gets really boring most days...some questions would be nice.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What are the names of your art works? I'm looking for them on deviant art
ask-no6mice ask-no6mice Said:

(( Do you mean my DA username? That would be ‘Chizuri’. I post more to my main tumblr these days though. If any of you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s my art tag. Pretty much everything No. 6 I’ve drawn is in there somewhere xD

And since I’m answering OOC already - sorry for the lack of responses the past couple of weeks. School, life… the usual. Have a bit of a break now so I’ll try to get through most of my backlog over the weekend. Look forward to that! ))

Thank you all for visiting! 

Love and cheeses,

Vice-Boss Gray Mouse

Thank you, Anonymouse!
Master Nezumi designed us well (he’s quite the artist)

Thank you, Anonymouse!

Master Nezumi designed us well (he’s quite the artist)